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A Retrospective on Halo
In the last week, I had an itch to return to a series I haven't touched in a good few years; Halo.  I don't know why, but a desire to return to the games appeared and I acted upon it.  One by one, I've been going through the campaigns of Halo CE, 2, 3 and 4.  Going through these adventures has gotten me thinking on this franchise and what it once was.  While we wait for Halo 6 to finally be announced, I just want to share a retrospective on the series.
Let's start where it all began; Halo: Combat Evolved.  I didn't have an Xbox as the library didn't interest me.  However, I got to first experience the title back in high school on the PC.  I remember it quite well.  It was during a web design course and some friends had managed to download a demo of the game on the school computers.  This was after we had spent a good deal playing Midnight Club II over LAN connections.  The demo didn't have much, but it allowed LAN play as well. &
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Legends: EIS 'Redemption'
The EIS Redemption is the first of the Odyssey-class colony ships developed by the Emirans in the mid 33rd century.  Their purpose is straight-forward; serve as the main vessels for the race to evacuate Earth and find a new planet of their own.  A number of these would be built, ready to carry the entire population to the world of Purity, the planet discovered by the Emirans that was kept hidden from all others.  With humanity becoming an increasingly violent threat and growing conflicts between them and various groups of Anthros, Emiran leadership believed that the time drew near.
These are believed to be some technical specifications of the ship.  However, at best, these are estimates as official numbers have not been provided.
Length: 2,700 meters (8,858 feet)
Width: 950 meters (3,116 feet)
Slipspace drive: Emira-Aurora Comet engine
Crew: 18,000
As for protection, the ship is armed with multiple layers of shielding, powered by specialized E-Type Aurian Crystals c
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My Best Friend
I brought you to a new home.
A place of safety.
Home of warmth and care.
Where you came from, matters little.
You are here now.  Forever, we will be beside each other.
Those early days.
We may argue.
We may disagree.
But we both learn.
Grow. Smarter. Wiser.
One day, words will not need to be spoken.
Simply a name and a gesture.
Our bond grows.
Never too late.
Tricks always discovered.
Some days, long.
My body, exhausted.
Yet, you are there.
Eagerly waiting.
When I return home, you call in celebration.
No matter my state of mind, a smile appears.
My spirit raised.
Energy returns.
We settle.
We feast.
Together, we talk about our day.
Never separating.
Sometimes even as we sleep.
Hearts and minds as one.
We play.
Treating ourselves.
New experiences.
New joys.
Time passes without knowing.
You take care of me.
I take care of you.
Together, may we live forever.
We explore.
See this world.
So much to learn.
So little time.
Embrace these moments.
Treasure them.
A chance we may never r
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The Midnight Fog by TheCrescentFox The Midnight Fog :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 2 0 100% Yoshi Badge by TheCrescentFox 100% Yoshi Badge :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 3 2 The Midnight System by TheCrescentFox The Midnight System :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 2 3 Purity by TheCrescentFox Purity :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 2 0 Lost Universe by TheCrescentFox Lost Universe :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 4 0
The Midnight Cafe - Welcome
As you approach the location, you look to the side, noticing all the vehicles that had filled the parking lot.  It appeared that today was a busy day for the cafe.  You could hear guests talking, enjoying the moment.  Tonight, the skies were clear, allowing the stars and a crescent moon to shine from above.  Certainly, tonight would be a great night.
Once you arrive, you ascend some stairs, entering the front patio area.  Almost every table was full, with guests chatting about the things going on in their lives.  Drinks were being had and treats were being shared.  You smile, ready to join them.  However, you still had to see the rest of this new hot spot in Jatia.  After all, this is your first time here.
As you get near the door, a black vulpine appears from the other side, opening it as he revealed himself.  "Welcome!" he proclaimed.  The look of this individual was instantly recognizable to almost everyone in Jatia.  Midni
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Commission Info by TheCrescentFox Commission Info :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 0 0 Redemption by TheCrescentFox Redemption :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 7 0 Crescent Fox Watermark by TheCrescentFox Crescent Fox Watermark :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 4 9
Uesha's Test
The sounds of the water flowing through the nearby waterfalls and beneath the floor helped add to Chaoshi's meditation.  With nothing but it creating the ambient noise within the temple atrium, the Guardian of Chaos could focus on his thoughts.  It was just him with the garden that made the center of the ancient room.  These moments of peace and focus always provided a respite to his spirit.  Being a guardian has always been a stressful task since he accepted his fate as one.  Through these sessions, not only does he revitalize his spirit in anticipation for the rest of the day, he gains insight within himself to continue improving upon his abilities.  Life as a guardian has often proven challenging, but with each passing day, he feels more comfortable with his role in the world.
The Yoshi was silent, only taking an occasional deep breath as his eyes remained shut.  At times, he would whisper phrases in the ancient tongue.  The tension in his bod
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Legends - Midnight (Weaponized)
If one was to ask most of those that call Firestorm their home, they would tell you that they never expected Midnight to be who he has become.  What was thought to be the last gasp of the Ares Project, he not only succeeded, but has become the pride and joy of Firestorm's military might.
Yes, Midnight had been seen openly arguing with the now commander of the organization, Carver.  However, his resistance soon was curbed and the fox submitted to the experiment and its effects.  The effects of his submission would not be seen for about another one to two years following his last public argument.  What was once the leader of outcry against the project, he had now become fully obedient.  Not only that, he embraces the idea of being the ultimate weapon of Firestorm.  Calm and collected, he does his job with utmost precision and efficiency.
Records show that Midnight was subjected to extremely high amounts of Aurian energy.  More crystals had been depleted
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Legends: Sitra, Guardian of Light
Sitra has always been one of the more popular Guardians to praise thanks to the power of light when it comes to healing the ill and injured.  Throughout every incarnation, lessons are left behind to teach those capable of harnessing the light to heal their fellow being.  The understanding of the light energy that the world produces only continues to advance and many are eager to see what the full capability of it could be in the future.
However, the current incarnation of Sitra has become particularly fascinating due to beliefs about her origins.  Most Guardians' origins are usually never determined, but citizens from the nation of Novine are certain that they know where she hailed from.
Novine itself is amongst the most powerful nations in the world, thanks to wealth and the strong backing of a military that's used for defense.  The ruler of Novine was also amongst the first to institute the ban on blood magic research following the situation with Leon Nightfire an
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Legends: Leon Nightfire
The Lord of Armageddon.  King of Demons.  The Fallen Nightfire.  These are only some of the titles that had been given to the king that brought an end to the island country of Tirian, a once prosperous nation.  Now, his legacy is left behind to be told in stories as well as in laws enforced around the world.
As a child, Leon Nightfire was the heir to the throne, ready to take over the country that his family had ruled for the better part of three centuries.  Shortly after his birth, he would undergo intense routines of studies, physical fitness and swordplay.  He was going to be a great leader under the guidance of his parents and the instructors they personally chose.  He would be given little time to rest.  There was so much for him to learn.  Military history and tactics, world politics, and ship navigation were only some of the numerous subjects that he would study.  Every day left him exhausted, but he would have to keep going the
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I offer a variety of fantasy, fanfiction and poetic pieces of literature. There are also some random pictures that I have attempted to do. If you like to read, there is plenty to see here!

Random Favourites

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My passion is creating stories, building characters and establishing worlds and lore. I take my time with each tale, ensuring that I bring them to the quality that I desire. As a published author, I only seek to continue to improve my craft. I hope you all enjoy the ride.

I have a degree in game design as well. I also run game streams every now and then.

Current Residence: Oklahoma, USA
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At the suggestion of a few friends, I am now going ahead and giving it a try.

If you see what you like and wish to support me, then you have my thanks!


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