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Legends - Emirans (Destiny fanfiction)
The term “Emiran” is a broad description that encompasses all the animals that were once feral before being give new forms, adapting human-like qualities.  Their origin is still a contested topic of discussion, but the current belief is that these creatures were chosen by the Light of the Traveler and given their abilities.  Another belief is that they were the result of an experiment being handled by the Ishtar Collective on Venus.  A small number believe that they arrived from another solar system entirely.
As for timing, the general consensus is that they first made their presence known to humanity sometime near the end of the Golden Age, just before the Collapse.  Alas, this timing also serves as the source of hatred for a small part of humanity against them.  Whether they were created by science or the Traveler’s power, they are seen as a blight of the Light’s work.  This has led to some violence against the Emirans, but those
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Ement's Return
The journey to this strange location had been long and lonesome, but at the horizon, the dragon could see a structure appear in his view.  He took a deep breath, steeling himself for whatever may come.  For the last two weeks, it was just him on this ship, traveling to a destination that supposedly nobody else has seen.  His heart skipped a beat as his cloak fluttered in the gentle breeze.  The trip was finally nearing its end.  Just what awaited him?
The voice that spoke to him frequently echoed in his head throughout the journey.  He could still remember the words that led him here...
"Young one, travel north, far north, to a place that never will be seen by the simple mortal's eye.  Here, the answers to your life and destiny await..."
The dragon was simply exploring an ancient temple when the voice spoke to him.  He had placed his hand on a tablet in a strange room at the end.
"The life of a mercenary is not what is meant for you.  It has
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Pixel Midnight Inkling by TheCrescentFox Pixel Midnight Inkling :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 3 0
A Retrospective on Halo
In the last week, I had an itch to return to a series I haven't touched in a good few years; Halo.  I don't know why, but a desire to return to the games appeared and I acted upon it.  One by one, I've been going through the campaigns of Halo CE, 2, 3 and 4.  Going through these adventures has gotten me thinking on this franchise and what it once was.  While we wait for Halo 6 to finally be announced, I just want to share a retrospective on the series.
Let's start where it all began; Halo: Combat Evolved.  I didn't have an Xbox as the library didn't interest me.  However, I got to first experience the title back in high school on the PC.  I remember it quite well.  It was during a web design course and some friends had managed to download a demo of the game on the school computers.  This was after we had spent a good deal playing Midnight Club II over LAN connections.  The demo didn't have much, but it allowed LAN play as well. &
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Legends: EIS 'Redemption'
The EIS Redemption is the first of the Odyssey-class colony ships developed by the Emirans in the mid 33rd century.  Their purpose is straight-forward; serve as the main vessels for the race to evacuate Earth and find a new planet of their own.  A number of these would be built, ready to carry the entire population to the world of Purity, the planet discovered by the Emirans that was kept hidden from all others.  With humanity becoming an increasingly violent threat and growing conflicts between them and various groups of Anthros, Emiran leadership believed that the time drew near.
These are believed to be some technical specifications of the ship.  However, at best, these are estimates as official numbers have not been provided.
Length: 2,700 meters (8,858 feet)
Width: 950 meters (3,116 feet)
Slipspace drive: Emira-Aurora Comet engine
Crew: 18,000
As for protection, the ship is armed with multiple layers of shielding, powered by specialized E-Type Aurian Crystals c
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My Best Friend
I brought you to a new home.
A place of safety.
Home of warmth and care.
Where you came from, matters little.
You are here now.  Forever, we will be beside each other.
Those early days.
We may argue.
We may disagree.
But we both learn.
Grow. Smarter. Wiser.
One day, words will not need to be spoken.
Simply a name and a gesture.
Our bond grows.
Never too late.
Tricks always discovered.
Some days, long.
My body, exhausted.
Yet, you are there.
Eagerly waiting.
When I return home, you call in celebration.
No matter my state of mind, a smile appears.
My spirit raised.
Energy returns.
We settle.
We feast.
Together, we talk about our day.
Never separating.
Sometimes even as we sleep.
Hearts and minds as one.
We play.
Treating ourselves.
New experiences.
New joys.
Time passes without knowing.
You take care of me.
I take care of you.
Together, may we live forever.
We explore.
See this world.
So much to learn.
So little time.
Embrace these moments.
Treasure them.
A chance we may never r
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The Midnight Fog by TheCrescentFox The Midnight Fog :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 2 0 100% Yoshi Badge by TheCrescentFox 100% Yoshi Badge :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 3 2 The Midnight System by TheCrescentFox The Midnight System :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 2 3 Purity by TheCrescentFox Purity :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 2 0 Lost Universe by TheCrescentFox Lost Universe :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 4 0
The Midnight Cafe - Welcome
As you approach the location, you look to the side, noticing all the vehicles that had filled the parking lot.  It appeared that today was a busy day for the cafe.  You could hear guests talking, enjoying the moment.  Tonight, the skies were clear, allowing the stars and a crescent moon to shine from above.  Certainly, tonight would be a great night.
Once you arrive, you ascend some stairs, entering the front patio area.  Almost every table was full, with guests chatting about the things going on in their lives.  Drinks were being had and treats were being shared.  You smile, ready to join them.  However, you still had to see the rest of this new hot spot in Jatia.  After all, this is your first time here.
As you get near the door, a black vulpine appears from the other side, opening it as he revealed himself.  "Welcome!" he proclaimed.  The look of this individual was instantly recognizable to almost everyone in Jatia.  Midni
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Commission Info by TheCrescentFox Commission Info :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 1 0 Redemption by TheCrescentFox Redemption :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 7 0 Crescent Fox Watermark by TheCrescentFox Crescent Fox Watermark :iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 4 9
Uesha's Test
The sounds of the water flowing through the nearby waterfalls and beneath the floor helped add to Chaoshi's meditation.  With nothing but it creating the ambient noise within the temple atrium, the Guardian of Chaos could focus on his thoughts.  It was just him with the garden that made the center of the ancient room.  These moments of peace and focus always provided a respite to his spirit.  Being a guardian has always been a stressful task since he accepted his fate as one.  Through these sessions, not only does he revitalize his spirit in anticipation for the rest of the day, he gains insight within himself to continue improving upon his abilities.  Life as a guardian has often proven challenging, but with each passing day, he feels more comfortable with his role in the world.
The Yoshi was silent, only taking an occasional deep breath as his eyes remained shut.  At times, he would whisper phrases in the ancient tongue.  The tension in his bod
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I offer a variety of fantasy, fanfiction and poetic pieces of literature. There are also some random pictures that I have attempted to do. If you like to read, there is plenty to see here!

Random Favourites

Support people who affected by natural disasters by Vress-shark Support people who affected by natural disasters :iconvress-shark:Vress-shark 220 11 At inflatable games with Barley by pandapaco At inflatable games with Barley :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 118 8 Happy Birthday Kaya by luna777 Happy Birthday Kaya :iconluna777:luna777 57 10 124 - Jynx by TsaoShin 124 - Jynx :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,093 123
Anj and the Dawn of Desolas: Chapter 6
Chapter 6: The Call of Desolas
Ania sighs as he now seems prepared to tell me his story.
“You probably don't know this Anj but Terrus has supported yarzan life for much longer than I have lived. In my normal life everyone acted in harmony. That all changed when I was told of a discovery within the ruins of a place known as the Dread Caves that warped the minds of its yarzan discoverers.” Memories of my brief adventure into the Dread Caves still haunt me to this day. I know that cave is ancient but I didn't know it existed for that long.
“The Dread Caves existed a millennium ago?” Ania nods his head.
“They've been around way more than that Anj, at least that's what I'm to believe due to the discovery made.”
“What was found that would be the cause of chaos?”
“After it was released to the public I saw that it was a circular slab of a rare stone that was imbued with a runic inscription and a glowing energy mystically beneath it. The sla
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Too much to Carry by YoshiMan1118 Too much to Carry :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 117 37 Believe in Yourself - Strength by TsaoShin Believe in Yourself - Strength :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,746 302 ANTHEM by SPARROUU ANTHEM :iconsparrouu:SPARROUU 168 16 Cafe Vress by Vress-shark Cafe Vress :iconvress-shark:Vress-shark 320 26 LOL by Naaraskettu LOL :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 61 4 Pikachu test by Naaraskettu Pikachu test :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 55 12 Vaporeon splash by Naaraskettu Vaporeon splash :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 71 5 Krystal mixed outfit lineart by Naaraskettu Krystal mixed outfit lineart :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 134 36 123 - Scyther by TsaoShin 123 - Scyther :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,920 150 Wind's Requiem by Orioto Wind's Requiem :iconorioto:Orioto 401 12




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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
My passion is creating stories, building characters and establishing worlds and lore. I take my time with each tale, ensuring that I bring them to the quality that I desire. As a published author, I only seek to continue to improve my craft. I hope you all enjoy the ride.

I have a degree in game design as well. I also run game streams every now and then.

Current Residence: Oklahoma, USA
Favorite genre of music: Rock, orchestral and video game music
Favorite style of art: Anthro, Writing, Fan Art, Fantasy Art and anything else that looks great
Favorite game characters: Yoshi, Tails, Dust and Fidget
Personal Quote: No matter how bad things get, never give up and never surrender!
  • Listening to: Various soundtracks
  • Reading: Project notes
  • Playing: Destiny 2
Hey everyone!  I hope you all are doing well.  Just a quick journal for you all today.

First off, do any of my friends here play Destiny 2 on the Xbox One or are planning to get the PC version?  Just curious.

Second, I have recently started thinking on trying my hand at Inktober.  However, of course, as a writer, I needed to put my own twist on the concept.  So, what I'm thinking about doing is throughout the month of October, I will offer bite-sized stories for commissions.  These would either be small stories/scenes or character profiles that will be a page/page and a half in a word processor.  There would be no limit to theme.  You just need to give me the idea you'd like to see and I'll try my hand at them.  As for price, I'm thinking $4-$5, but again, not set in stone.  There would be no limit to how many you can ask for.  As for settings in the processor, the font will be Times New Roman, 11-12 point font and probably default or slightly reduced margins.

That's just the idea for it right now.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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